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Course Summary

Making a good first impression to a recruiter is just as important today as it ever was. And maybe even more-so in the ESL industry, where a recruiter might receive hundreds of applications from all around the world!

So, you need your job application to stand out amongst all the others, and entice the recruiter into wanting to know more about you and keep reading your resume. Even if you have the qualifications and experience, a poorly written and hard to read resume is too easily discarded when they are dealing with so many.

Then, once you’re accepted as a teacher on a language learning platform, you’ll be competing against many other teachers so that a student picks you to be their teacher. We can help you create a professional profile to encourage potential students to make a booking with you, which enables you to earn more money.

What You'll Get With This Course

In this course, you’ll get everything in the ‘How to Create Your ESL Resume‘ course, plus:

  • Understand what to say in your introduction video script to attract more students on your language learning platform(s)
  • Learn how to setup your online classroom background, the equipment needed, and how to deliver your introduction video
  • Get access to 5 real-life editable Introduction Video scripts
  • Discover how to create a professional LinkedIn profile that presents you in the best possible way
  • Get access to 5 real-life editable LinkedIn profiles
  • Discover how to create a professional Bio profile that presents you in the best possible way
  • Get access to 5 real-life editable Bio profiles

Important Course Information

For every lesson, don’t forget to check the Lesson Materials section. In there you’ll find downloadable templates, real-life examples, further resources, and useful links to other websites too, all of which are relevant to that particular lesson!

During every lesson, you have the opportunity to take personal notes. These notes can be downloaded as a Word document for your convenience. Simply click on the Pause button on the video so you don’t miss anything, and then click on the yellow ‘Take Notes’ button at the bottom of the screen, and you’ll get a popup window to write your notes into. If you want to come back and watch a certain section of the video again, make sure you include the timer where you’ve paused the video at.

In the Lesson Materials, refer to the glossary of terms and acronyms which are used in the ESL industry and maybe used in this course.

Around the world, countries use the terms: resume, curriculum vitae and CV and may use them interchangeably. During this course, we mostly use the word resume, but we mean the same thing.

By continuing to use our website and accessing the course, you are accepting the Terms and Conditions.

The 'Freelance Teacher PATH' program includes the following learning materials...

3 Easy-to-Follow Video Lessons:

  1. How to Create Your ESL Resume (3 parts)
  2. How to Create Your Video Introduction and About Me Bio
  3. How to Use LinkedIn to Attract More Students (2 parts)

Downloadable Templates and Examples:

  • 3 editable ESL-focused Resume styles
  • 5 editable examples of real-life Resumes
  • 5 editable examples of real-life Introduction Video Scripts
  • 5 editable LinkedIn header and summary examples
  • 6 LinkedIn banner examples

Keyword / Powerword Lists:

  • 35+ Transferable Skills
  • 50+ Hobbies and Interests
  • 55+ Personality Traits
  • 85+ Strengths
  • 240+ ESL Keywords/Powerwords
  • 260+ Teacher Related Job Tasks
  • 230+ Non Teacher Related Job Tasks

Bonus Videos:

  • Facebook Marketing Techniques


  • Making your Introduction Video

Additional Material:

  • Good Resumes vs Bad Resumes
  • Good Profile Photos vs Bad Profile Photos
  • Glossary of terms

Plus other recommendations!