Your PATH to a Successful ESL Teaching Career!

Let us reveal the path from TEFL graduation to securing your dream job.
Whether you're just starting out, or a seasoned ESL teacher or tutor...
We have a program for you!​

P - Preparing

Questions you'll need to consider, choosing the right niche and learning platform, to prepare you for the ESL industry

A - Applying

This module will help you create a professional job application package and increase your chance of success!

T - Teaching

Setting up your online classroom, lesson planning and avoiding common mistakes

H - Habit Forming

Become a highly sought after teacher by following these tips and good marketing habits

Our Programs

Choose from the following on-demand online programs.

Resume Course

How to Create Your ESL Resume

Want to learn how to write a resume that maximises your chances of getting an ESL job? This program will help you write and submit the BEST possible ESL-focused resume so you stand out from the other applicants. Includes 3 resume template styles and 5+ resume examples, plus almost 1000 strengths, personality traits, transferable skills, job tasks, secret power words and keywords that we use to help our clients find success!

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Online Teacher Path feature image

Online Teacher PATH

Not sure whether you'll be working for an online platform, or getting your own students? Don't worry, this program has got you covered. You'll get everything in the 'How to Create Your ESL Resume' program, plus the knowledge on how to choose your niche and teaching platform, get high paying students, find what to teach, setting up your online classroom, creating your cover letter and introduction video and also marketing strategies on Facebook and LinkedIn. Includes 30+ templates and examples, recommended tools and resources, plus 30+ top tips to be better than the rest.

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28-Day Course Feature Image

From ESL Tutor to Business Owner in 28 Days

Want to be an Independent ESL Tutor, without the constraints and fees of the language tutoring platforms that are out there? This program will have you starting your online ESL tutoring business in 28 days (or even less). Easy daily lessons will help you build your own tutoring website that will handle client bookings and take payments. You'll also be armed with the knowledge of how to market yourself on the many social media platforms to attract and retain high paying clients!

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* – Depending on the program selected

Be in Demand with Our Professional Training

Our programs will help you bridge the gap between what you learnt in your TEFL/TESOL course to getting a job, getting students and keeping your students.

Standing Out From Crowd
Stand out from the crowd!

Knowing where you’re headed before you set out on your journey is crucial in fast-tracking you to your destination!

With Just ESL Tutors you can take advantage of our years in the ESL industry and our extensive marketing experience to stand out from the crowd.

You’ll learn how to choose your niche, how to choose the right platform for you and the things you need to consider before you start applying for jobs.

You’ll get access for life and free updates! 

Our on demand video lessons can be watched on any device, whenever you want. 

Plus we have all the resources you need to support what you have learnt during lessons including helpful guides, templates and real life examples, prompts, keywords, powerwords and more.

Whether you’re marketing yourself to recruiters and employers, or to potential clients and students.

We have you covered!

You’ll learn everything you need to know to get the job you want, stand out amongst the crowd, earn more money and everything you need to know to be a better teacher.

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What Our Students Have to Say!

"I just love your course! It is extremely helpful, thorough and well done!"
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C. Hart
From USA
"The logical sequence of the sections and the fact that 1 step leads onto the next. For want of a better word - the idiots guide...and logically broken down into manageable steps"
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A. Green
From South Africa