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Frequently Asked Questions

After purchase you will be given immediate and lifetime access to the course. You will also have access to any updates that are included in your program. 

Yes! Depending on what program you complete, you will be able to download numerous templates and real life examples to help you create your documents. These are real documents that we have used to help people just like you get jobs and get students. 

These are editable in Microsoft Word.

It’s no problem! We explain everything in simple to understand, bite sized pieces. To complete our course you simply need to be able to log on, and press play on our video course. Download your guides, templates and examples, and the rest is explained in non-tech speak. 

But remember, if you want to teach online, you should at least have some computer literacy and understanding of how to navigate the internet.



If you have any problems or issues logging on, or even just need clarification of something in your program, just use the contact form above.

Absolutely! If you’ve completed one of our short programs and realised that you want to take the next step to success in your ESL teaching career, just send us an email and we will discuss your options. 

Absolutely not!

Whichever program you complete has step by step instructions and prompts to ensure that even those new to resume writing, creating videos, teaching or marketing can find success. 

As one of our happy clients noted “It’s basically an idiots guide…”

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