About Us

Just ESL Tutors is the brainchild of ESL industry experts and marketing professionals, Rachael and Chris. Both degree educated, with backgrounds in business development, marketing, training, mentoring with a sharp focus on the ESL industry, this is your opportunity to take advantage of their years of experience to get ahead of other ESL teachers and tutors.

Just ESL Tutors Chris


ESL Industry Expert, Business Development, ESL Resume Writer, Mentor, Trainer and IT Guru.

Just ESL Tutors - Rach


ESL Industry Expert, Marketing Superstar, ESL Resume Writer, Mentor, Trainer and Content Creator.

First starting with Just ESL Jobs, Rachael and Chris first identified that there was a huge amount of great teachers who just weren’t landing the job they wanted even though they were qualified for the role. Unfortunately, some teachers just can’t sell themselves, or didn’t know what to include in their job application package. So they were simply missing out on job after job. 

So with Just ESL Resumes they set out to help as many people as possible promote themselves in the best way possible. 

And they succeeded! Hundreds and hundreds of resumes, cover letters, video introduction scripts, LinkedIn profiles and more, later… they recognised that there was another problem.

More and more teachers were needing help not with just the application package, but also the process involved, how to choose where to teach, what to teach, who to teach and then how to promote themselves. 

Rachael and Chris realised they were in a unique position where they could help even more people, and link teachers with practical knowledge on becoming a successful teacher, with everything they learnt about how to teach in their TEFL or TESOL certificate course. 

So whether you just need help with your application package, want to get started as an online teacher and everything that involves, or starting your own online ESL tutoring business, we have you covered!