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From ESL Tutor to Business Owner in 28 Days

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Want to be an Independent ESL Tutor, without the constraints and fees of the language tutoring platforms that are out there?

From ESL Tutor to Business Owner in 28 Days will have you starting your online ESL tutoring business in 28 days (or even less). Easy daily lessons will help you build your own tutoring website that will handle client bookings and take payments.
You’ll also be armed with the knowledge of how to market yourself on the many social media platforms to attract and retain high paying clients!

If you need longer that’s okay, the main thing is to get started. If you have more time to invest and want to get your business launched in a week, that’s okay too!

If you need support you can ask a question in each lesson or you can contact us here.

Good luck! We can’t wait to see you succeed!

From ESL Tutor to Business Owner in 28 Days’ will have you ready to start your online ESL tutoring business in 28 days (or even less), even if you have no experience with sales, marketing, website building and social media.

Throughout this course, we’ll be covering:

– Who is this course perfect for and how to not talk yourself out of success
– Setting up your online business
– How much can you earn
– What to tutor and where to get lesson plans
– Where to get high paying clients
– How to build your brand and what that means
– How to manage your social media
– How to get a logo
– Email list building and why it’s important
– Other ways to make money
– Why you need a blog
– How to take payments
– What communication platform to use
– How to book classes
– How to find your niche(s)
– How to keep your clients
– How much to charge
– Setting up your social media
– Tools you’ll need to succeed
– Modern Twitter Marketing
– Simple Social Media Content
– Social Media Income – LinkedIn
– Modern Facebook Marketing
– Instagram Marketing Secrets
– Why you’re going to want to use YouTube


It sounds like a lot of content, but it’s going to be given to you in small, easy to follow steps, so you won’t be overwhelmed or overloaded with too much information all at once.

So, are you ready to start this journey?

Let’s do it!

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ALERT: [02/03/20] – A huge amount of useful tools and resources have been included

ALERT: [10/08/20] – The price drop has now ended

ALERT: [10/04/20] – To help all those whose jobs are affected by COVID-19 and are looking for alternate sources of income, we have dropped the price of the course dramatically (by 67%!).

This price drop is only for a temporary time during this crisis to help those in need as much as possible.






Important Course Information

For every lesson, don’t forget to check the Lesson Materials section. In there you’ll find downloadable templates, real-life examples, tools, further resources, and useful links to other websites too, all of which are relevant to that particular lesson!

During every lesson, you have the opportunity to take personal notes. These notes can be downloaded as a Word document for your convenience. Simply click on the Pause button on the video so you don’t miss anything, and then click on the yellow ‘Take Notes’ button at the bottom of the screen, and you’ll get a popup window to write your notes into. If you want to come back and watch a certain section of the video again, make sure you include the timer where you’ve paused the video at.

In the Lesson Materials, refer to the glossary of terms and acronyms which are used in the ESL industry and maybe used in this course.

Around the world, countries use the terms: resume, curriculum vitae and CV and may use them interchangeably. During this course, we mostly use the word resume, but we mean the same thing.

By continuing to use our website and accessing the course, you are accepting the Terms and Conditions.

The 'From ESL Tutor to Business Owner in 28 Days' program includes the following learning materials...

  • 28 easy-to-follow lessons
  • 2 hours 40 minutes On Demand Video Lessons
  • 35+ Downloadable Worksheets, Checklists, Hints and Tips Guides

Templates and Examples:

  • 5 editable examples of real-life Introduction Video Scripts for Students
  • 5 editable LinkedIn header and summary examples
  • 6 LinkedIn banner examples
  • 1 Lesson Plan template

Hints and Tips Guides:

  • Making your Introduction Video
  • 50+ Budget-Friendly Background and Prop Ideas for Online Teachers

Additional Material:

  • Glossary of terms

Plus other recommended tools and resources!