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Welcome to your Online  Teacher PATH Program!

This program will help you bridge the gap between what you learnt in your TEFL/TESOL course to getting a job, getting students and keeping your students.

Your TEFL/TESOL course is the certification you need to teach English online, and it provides you with the foundations of being a great English language teacher.

The PATH program helps you on the rest of the journey, so you can find the teaching niche and platform which suits you, acquire your dream job and become a successful ESL teacher.

Who is this program for?

Anyone who wants to teach English as a Second/Foreign Language online!

This PATH is designed for teachers who want to work on any online school or platform whether it be VIPKid, Magic Ears, DaDa, Cambly, iTalki or many others, or who want to start getting their own students which means more control, higher paying clients and no sharing of profits!

As an ESL teacher who works online, you may teach on numerous learning platforms and schools where the students are allocated to you. Plus, you may also find that you need to market yourself to acquire more students either on social media groups or other networking sites.

So, for instance writing a resume that gets you a job may not be on your radar at the moment, but perhaps to work more hours or to try something different, you may need to do it in the future.

For some teachers, they will have no immediate need to learn how to market themselves on Facebook, but you may choose to do so, so that you can become an ambassador for your school and earn referrals for new teachers.

This program will help you prepare for every facet of becoming a great teacher, and one who has the skills to earn more than those who are left to flounder and work it out for themselves.

You’ll be fully prepared for the next part of your journey in getting a job, and/or getting more students.

What does PATH stand for?

We believe there are four logical steps that need to be followed so that as an Online Teacher you can get a job that suits your requirements, you can book lots of slots and that you are confident in being an online ESL teacher. They are:


Before you even start applying for jobs there are things you need to consider, questions you need to ask yourself and you must choose the right niche for you. This module will help you to prepare to apply for the job you want.


Even though you are no doubt a great candidate to teach English, with a passion for helping others and very excited to get started, you have to prove yourself to the language learning platforms or schools you will be applying to. This module will help you create a professional and targeted application package that makes you stand out from the crowd. And we give you the hard truth about your current resume and why it will make you miss out on jobs.


While your TEFL/TESOL course taught you about lesson plans and how to write them, and maybe even gave you some practical advice or experience about teaching English online, this module steps it up a notch. In these lessons you will learn how to turn your workspace into an online classroom, where to find lesson plans to make planning easier for you and common mistakes all teachers make and how you can avoid them.


To be a consistently great teacher and keep on booking more students and perhaps even raising your hourly rate you will need to build good habits. In this module you will discover over 30 tips  that will ensure you are better than your competitors, learn how to create an engaging video introduction and bio for prospective students, and how to use LinkedIn and Facebook to attract more students.

We are confident that at the end of the PATH Program you will be more than comfortable applying for jobs and teaching in the niche of your choice.

Join us today and let’s get started!

You’ll get everything in the ‘How to Create Your ESL Resume‘ course, plus:

  • the knowledge on how to choose your niche and teaching platform
  • get high paying students
  • find what to teach
  • setting up your online classroom
  • creating your cover letter and introduction video and also marketing strategies on Facebook and LinkedIn

Includes 30+ templates and examples, recommended tools and resources, plus 30+ top tips to be better than the rest.

What You’ll Get With This Program

In this program, you’ll get everything in the ‘How to Create an ESL Resume‘ course, plus you’ll learn how to:

  • Choose your teaching niche(s)
  • Choose the language learning plaform(s) you want to work on
  • Create a professional ESL-focused cover letter
  • Create an Introduction Video for recruiters and students
  • Ace your job interview with commonly asked questions and how best to answer them
  • Setup your online classroom
  • Find what to teach
  • Avoid common mistakes that teachers make

So, are you ready to start this journey?

Let’s do it!

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04/11/20 – 4 Bonus Lessons Added!

  • What is Social Media Marketing and How It Will Help You
  • How to Get High Paying Students and What to Charge
  • Where To Get Your First Students
  • How to Keep Your Students



Important Course Information

For every lesson, don’t forget to check the Lesson Materials section. In there you’ll find downloadable templates, real-life examples, tools, further resources, and useful links to other websites too, all of which are relevant to that particular lesson!

During every lesson, you have the opportunity to take personal notes. These notes can be downloaded as a Word document for your convenience. Simply click on the Pause button on the video so you don’t miss anything, and then click on the yellow ‘Take Notes’ button at the bottom of the screen, and you’ll get a popup window to write your notes into. If you want to come back and watch a certain section of the video again, make sure you include the timer where you’ve paused the video at.

In the Lesson Materials, refer to the glossary of terms and acronyms which are used in the ESL industry and maybe used in this course.

Around the world, countries use the terms: resume, curriculum vitae and CV and may use them interchangeably. During this course, we mostly use the word resume, but we mean the same thing.

By continuing to use our website and accessing the course, you are accepting the Terms and Conditions.

The 'Online Teacher PATH' program includes the following learning materials...


  • 19 easy-to-follow video lessons
  • 4 Bonus Lessons!

Templates and Examples:

  • 3 editable ESL-focused Resume templates
  • 5 editable examples of real-life Resumes
  • 1 editable Cover Letter template
  • 5 editable examples of real-life Cover Letters
  • 5 editable examples of real-life Introduction Video Scripts for Recruiters
  • 5 editable examples of real-life Introduction Video Scripts for Students
  • 5 editable LinkedIn header and summary examples
  • 6 LinkedIn banner examples
  • 1 Lesson Plan template
  • 1 Email and Social Media Marketing Calendar


  • 35+ Transferable Skills
  • 50+ Hobbies and Interests
  • 55+ Personality Traits
  • 80+ ESL Language Learning Platforms and Schools to Apply to
  • 85+ Strengths
  • 220+ ESL Keywords/Powerwords and phrases
  • 230+ Non Teacher Related Job Tasks
  • 260+ Teacher Related Job Tasks

Bonus Videos:

  • 12 Facebook Marketing Techniques videos

Hints and Tips Guides:

  • Making your Introduction Video
  • 50+ Budget-Friendly Background and Prop Ideas for Online Teachers
  • Common ESL Job Interview Questions and How to Answer Them

Additional Material:

  • Good Resumes vs Bad Resumes
  • Good Profile Photos vs Bad Profile Photos
  • Glossary of terms

Plus other recommended tools and resources!